Flint was a beautiful trailer park girl, Gambler was a rebellious cricket-eating mutt. A mutual love for adventure and Slim Jim's. Gambler was from Standing Rock, South Dakota and Flint hailed from Coos Bay, Oregon. Different backgrounds, different breeds. They were brought together by sheer serendipity in the town of Astoria, Oregon.

(Yes, thats where The Goonies was filmed.)

Before Flint, Gambs would wander often to have good, hard thinks on walkabouts. but after they met, they ran together.

They ran with the spirit of not giving 2 shits about being owned or obeying any masters. They loved each other fiercely and held each other close. They were teammates to the core.

Flint and Gambler had 11 children, 9 known surviving to this day.

Flint passed not three years after they had met, while Gambler was away at the oceanside. We are often graced with sweet memories of the F & G heyday and boy, are those memories sweet. 

Run wild, let love in, and remember this;

The dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.  -Robert Falcon Scott